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Cross-Species Consortium for validating in vitro DILI models

18th June 2021

MicroMatrices are providing histology services for an exciting new cross species consortium venture from InSphero.  SpheroMatrices microTMA technology is ideally suited for this purpose as it allows for side by side histological comparison of microtissues derived from different species on a single microscope slide.

This important collaborative project aims to recapitulate DILI effects observed in vivo with a wide range of compounds in microtissues of the same species. Results showing biochemical, histological and mechanistic correlation  between  in vivo and in vitro animal models for a wide range of DILI-inducing compounds will provide strong evidence for an analogous correlation between human liver microtissues and man, strengthening the case for routine inclusion of these models in pre-clinical assessments of new therapeutics for DILI toxicity.

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