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Multiplexed molecular phenotyping of tissues

12th February 2020

Tissue samples are complex matrices of molecular information. While single endpoint investigations within samples support mechanistic understanding, multiplexed and integrated  investigations within the same tissue samples add valuable dimensionality to this understanding which better reflect complex biological responses to xenobiotics/stressors.

MicroMatrices specialize in multiplexed interrogation of tissues. With our immunostaining capabilities, we can simultaneously visualise the in situ distribution of up to 7 biomarkers within a tissue to investigate target expression, spatial relationships, and interactions between cell populations, and can quantify these using image analysis methodologies.

We can also use pathology guided laser microdissection to select specific cell types/areas of interest from parallel sections for transcriptomic/proteomic/sequencing analysis; omics data is subsequently integrated using customised bioinformatics software.

These capabilities are particularly valuable when applied within the context of SpheroMatrices, our proprietary spheroid tissue microarray. With SpheroMatrices, all treatment groups within a 96 well experiment can be assessed simultaneously, and parallel sections can be used for a range of complementary investigations,  providing an opportunity for multiplexed efficacy and safety testing of drugs in human relevant 3D microtissue models.

Please see our recent Toxicology Reports publication for a case study illustrating the utility of this approach.

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