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New MicroMatrices publication: miRNA Biomarkers for Rodent Hepatocarcinogenesis

21st February 2018

MicroMatrices are pleased to announce the  publication  of  a landmark paper  entitled “Dose-dependent effects on rat liver miRNAs 200a/b and 429: potential early biomarkers of liver carcinogenesis”. The paper, published this week in Toxicology Reports,,

describes the identification of early  microRNA biomarkers for receptor mediated rodent hepatocarcingenesis, illustrating the principle that retrospective analyses can be used to inform the development of predictive safety assessment tests.

MicroMatrices have extensive experience in performing investigative studies on archival tissue samples collected from regulatory studies as described in our webinar entitled “Unlocking the Potential of FFPE Tissues for Investigating Mode of Action of Adverse Outcomes & Improving Predictive Ability ( Please contact us to learn how MicroMatrices can assist in data-mining your archival FFPE repositories.













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