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New Toxicology Reports Publication

2nd October 2019

MicroMatrices are pleased to announce  a new publication entitled  “Cross-species comparison of CAR-mediated procarcinogenic key events in a 3D liver microtissue model”. Published  25 September 2019 in “Toxicology Reports”, the paper describes how our proprietary SpheroMatrices microTMA technology can be used in 3D rat and human liver microtissues to establish key events for CAR Mode of Action and early development screening. 

This breakthrough study showed expected responses for three out of five key events which characterize CAR mediated liver carcinogenesis, indicating the 3D LiMT models are fit for the purpose of establishing a CAR-mediated MOA for rat liver tumours and for assessing the human relevance of this response. The use of in vitro models that are more relevant to in vivo responses aligns with the recent EPA directive endorsing testing systems that are more human relevant, cost effective and much less reliant on animal toxicology.

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