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Newly publication: Toxicology Reports

7th January 2021

“Species differences in phenobarbital-mediated UGT gene induction in rat and human liver microtissues”

To test the utility of 3D liver microtissues for compound de-risking, we investigated the hypothesis that species differences in thyroxine metabolism by UGT could underlie differences in susceptibility to thyroid carcinogenesis in rats and humans. Using bioinformatic analysis of microarray and proteomics data derived from PB treated rat and human liver 3D microtissues, we found a differential effect in the induction of UGT isoforms between the two species, supporting a role for 3D microtissues in the investigation of adverse outcome pathways (AOPs) and discovery safety assessment.

Published in Toxicology Reports (Volume 8, 2021, Pages 155-161), the paper describes how our proprietary SpheroMatrices microTMA technology can be used to understand toxicity risk in discovery safety screening.
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