Frontiers, Not Boundaries

See us at SOT 2021

15th March 2021

 For reasons all too familiar to everyone,  SOT 2020 could not go ahead.

The good news is SOT is back in 2021 and is an entirely virtual meeting between 12-27 March.

We are presenting a poster entitled ” Species differences in phenobarbital-mediated UGT gene induction in rat and human liver 3D microtissues “; SOT 2021 registrants can find the meeting, with an audio presentation, at this link:; (the poster will be published on this site after the meeting.)

Although we can’t meet in person, there is a useful Zoom meeting scheduling tool (SOT Hallway Huddle) for attendees, so please message Simon Plummer if you would like to take this opportunity to catch up.

We  look forward to meeting clients, colleagues, and collaborators as well as making new acquaintances at the first virtual SOT.


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on an interactive, step by step basis. Collaborations can begin with pilot projects which can then be scaled up to larger research programs, according to your requirements.