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SpheroMatrices Arrays vs Whole Mount Spheroids

9th April 2017

Imaging with SpheroMatrices® offers distinct advantages over competing solutions.

Current technologies for imaging 3D spheroids/organoids stain these models in whole mount format, i.e. imaging the whole spheroid. This creates issues with light scattering and fluorescence quenching. Furthermore, only targets on the surface of the  spheroid can be accessed. As a result, imaging of whole mount spheroids address only very basic questions,  such as: are the cells alive and growing, or dying/dead. 

SpheroMatrices overcomes these difficulties by making serial sections through the spheroid  and can thus access the entire tissue. In addition, as SpheroMatrices uses fixed (preserved) sections, histological methods developed specifically for fixed sections can be  employed. This facilitates multiplexed staining, allowing for  more complex mechanistic investigations than are available with whole mount format.

Please see our SpheroMatrices flyer for more details.

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