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SpheroMatrices Technology Publication Tops 2019 list

20th March 2020

Our publication featuring  the use of the SpheroMatrices® microTMA technology (patent pending)  was one of the top downloaded “Scientific Reports” cancer papers of 2019. With over 4000 downloads to date, our paper came 15th out of over 1000 cancer papers published during the year.

Entitled “A Human iPSC-derived 3D platform using primary brain cancer cells to study drug development and personalized medicine”  this landmark paper describes the use of  the SpheroMatrices microTMA technology in  a heterotypic human glioblastoma model containing normal neuronal cells and tumour cells in the same 3D organoid.

The publication illustrates an application of the  microTMA technology for both drug discovery and personalized medicine. It also demonstrates  the power of multiplexed immunostaining (up to 7 markers per slide)  in physical sections, uniquely facilitated with the SpheroMatrices platform, to  more fully characterise biological responses  of a 3D organoid experiments.

At MicroMatrices, we unlock the complex matrix of information contained within tissues by integrating genomics and multiplexed immunochemistry platforms, including our SpheroMatrices microTMA technology.  With our expertise in combining these approaches within the same tissue sample, or, with SpheroMatrices, across an entire 96 well plate experiment, we can elucidate mechanistic responses to drugs/chemicals and simultaneously visualise/ ocalise targets/biomarkers/immune cells, adding both dimensionality and value to safety and efficacy studies for drug discovery.



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