Frontiers, Not Boundaries


Recent publications show how our proprietary SpheroMatrices microTMA technology can be used to understand toxicity risk in discovery safety screenings conducted using 3D microtissues.

2021 Plummer et al, Toxicology Reports:“Species differences in phenobarbital-mediated UGT gene induction in rat and human liver microtissues”

2019 Plummer et al, Toxicology Reports:Cross-species comparison of CAR-mediated procarcinogenic key events in a 3D liver microtissue model”.

2019 Plummer et al Nature Scientific Reports: “A Human iPSC-derived 3D platform using primary brain cancer cells to study drug development and personalized medicine”

2018 Plummer et al, Toxicology Reports (in press) “Dose-dependent effect on rat liver miRNAs 200a/b and 429: potential early biomarkers of liver carcinogenesis”

2017 Plummer et al, The Toxicologist, 156, issue 1, abstract ID 2946 “Assessment of Hepatocellular Proliferation in Mouse and Human Hepatocytes in a Novel Humanized FRG KO/NOD Model by Dual Immunofluroescence and Automated Imange Analysis”

2017 Plummer et al, The Toxicologist, 156, issue 1, abstract ID 3204 “Scope and Limitations of Current 3D Spheroid Culture Screening Systems”

2016 Plummer et al, The Toxicologist, 150, issue 1, abstract ID 2455 “Dose Dependent Effects on Rat Liver miRNAs 200a/b and 429: Potential Early Biomarkers of Liver Carcinogenesis”

2016 Plummer et al :”Measurement of Cyp2b1 Protein Induction in Laser Dissected FFPE Liver Samples by Nano-LC Mass Spectrometry”(Poster Presentation SOT, New Orleans) 

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2012 Ingenuity Webinar

2011 Plummer et al, The Toxicologist, 120, Number S-2, Abstract ID 1041

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